Medication Reminders

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Seniors can sometimes forget to take medications,

or accidently take medications at the wrong times. Our caregivers can read labels, remind the client of their medications and oversee that they are being taken properly. This task is one of the most vital aspects of a caregiver’s duties at Home Care 4 Seniors. Our caregivers are experienced with complex medication timetables, and work closely with family members when new medications are introduced, medications need refills, and assisting patients with crushing medications.

The Home Care 4 Seniors assessment

will determine what kind of assistance patients will need regarding their medications. When the caregiver is introduced to the patient and the patient’s daily routine, then they will learn the medication timetable, and how the patient takes each medication or how many they can take at one time. As time goes along, the patient will have new medications that will be introduced, and their caregivers will note the change and ensure the new medication is taken correctly.

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