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Home Care 4 Seniors was established in 2007 by Laila and Mike Madhani. Laila is a Nurse Practitioner and Mike has an Information Technology and Business background. The combination of their talents grew Home Care 4 Seniors from their humble home office to over 50 employees today. Their hard work has made Home Care 4 Seniors a leader in quality in-home care in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

As the company grew, the services provided grew to include transportation, diabetes care, tube feeding and post-surgical care. In addition, Laila is now a Registered Nurse Practitioner, and Mike is a leader among the Texas in-home care directors. Home Care 4 Seniors is a member of numerous local, state and national organizations that focus on in-home senior care. Mike and Laila believe that participating in these organizations allows Home Care 4 Seniors to better serve the community.

After 10 years of service in the Dallas/Fort Worth community, Home Care 4 Seniors continues looking to the future. In the next chapter of this great organization, we hope to expand our footprint in the metroplex and reach more families with compassionate care.

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