When someone is incapable of obtaining proper nutrition orally or unable to safely swallow, a feeding tube such as a G-Tube or PEG Tube may be put in place. Good nutrition is needed for the body to heal and retain strength, and fluids are necessary to prevent dehydration.

Home Care 4 Seniors personal care services

such as tube feeding are Registered Nurse (RN) directed, meaning our caregivers are properly trained and mentored for this and other advanced care needs. The RN will monitor the G-Tube or PEG Tube at regularly scheduled intervals to insure proper care of the client and the devices.


will instruct caregivers about proper cleaning techniques, how to change empty bags, and proper client positioning. At Home Care 4 Seniors, our goal is to keep our client comfortable and healthy at home. Assisting with our client’s feeding tube is one of many RN directed services that Home Care 4 Seniors provides.

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