Diabetes Care

Diabetes management is an essential part of daily living for many clients at Home Care 4 Seniors and most families are not equipped to manage it properly.

  • We have an on-call Registered Nurse available to assist our caregivers
  • We manage a comprehensive plan including preparing diabetic meals and aiding with medication
  • We take the worry out of diabetic care processes

Our on-call Registered Nurse and our caregivers monitor the blood sugar levels of each client on a daily basis and confirm dosages are given correctly.  Diabetes management must include the following components; Insulin to control blood sugar, diet, exercise and oral diabetes medications. Insulin administration, including blood sugar testing, may be delegated to an unlicensed person but must have an Registered Nurse on call for consultation or intervention 24 hours each day. If the client is unable to administer his or her own insulin, Registered Nurse delegation is required.

Home Care 4 Seniors can care for diabetic clients by managing a comprehensive plan plus preparing diabetic meals and aiding with medication reminders.